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Collaboration Approach

A fundamental tenet of the AC Portal is collaboration and interoperability among the various programs, systems and organizations that comprise the atmospheric composition community. To this end, the particpants in the AC Portal are guided by the input from the CEOS Atmospheric Composition Constellation (ACC) group, coordinate through the CEOSS Work Group on Information Systems and Services (WGISS), and collaborate through related efforts, such as GEOSS.
A key activity of the AC Portal is defining implementation conventions for interoperability standards, such as OGC WMS, OGC WCS, OPenDAP, that can be used across the atmospheric composition community.

Current AC Portal features

  • Access to remotely sensed AC data using web standard interfaces
  • Information to help understand and use data (structured metadata and other contextual informaiton)
  • Tool for visualizing data in maps for specific observation dates
  • Grid data comparison tools
  • Discussion forums for feedback