MISR Plume Height Climatology Product

Aerosol plume injection height retrievals for North American fire events. Uses stereoscopic imaging capability of MISR (275-m spatial resolution; 672 nm spectral band). Events are identified by MODIS thermal anomalies. MISR data are processed using the MISR INteractive eXplorer (MINX) software tool.

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Satellite: Terra (NASA)
Instrument(s): Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR)
Instrument/algorithm PI: David J. Diner, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Contact details: David.J.Diner[at]jpl.nasa.gov, Ralph.Kahn[at]nasa.gov
Parameter(s): Aerosol plume-top height vs. distance from source
Aerosol algorithm: MINX
Cloud screening: Human interactive
Aerosol model: N/A
Retrieval assumptions: N/A; both wind-corrected and non-corrected products available
Retrieval limitations: Requires spatial contrast in plume for image matching
Spatial, temporal coverage: 80 latitude, dayside, late February 2000 to present
Spatial, temporal resolution: 1.1 km / per event; coverage every 9 days at equator, 2 days near poles
Operations status: Reprocessing
Validation status: Stereo validated against ground-based lidar/radar
Quality control: Human inspection
last algorithm version: Version 1.0
last validation: N/A



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