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Vertically Resolved Global Ozone Distribution

ROSE/DLR CTM using total column ozone observations from ERS2-GOME (archive), ENVISAT-SCIAMACHY and TOMS

Near-real-time products from Earthprobe TOMS, ERS2-GOME and ENVISAT-SCIAMACHY. GOME and SCIAMACHY data is processed on behalf of ESA. Please note that TOMS Level 2 data is courtesy of NASA (GSFC916). Latest news on the Antarctic ozone hole can be found on our southpole page.

The vertical ozone distribution and related products (ClOx, ozone loss and polar-stratospheric clouds) are derived by sequentially assimilating latest available GOME, SCIAMACHY or TOMS Level 2 data into the 3D chemical-transport model ROSE/DLR. The model covers an altitude range from 10 to 60 km. On this page, the comparison between ozone data derived from GOME, SCIAMACHY and TOMS is shown. The complete 6h analysis for all different model runs are available when clicking on the corresponding viewgraph.

This service is temporarily suspended due to reengineering of ENVISAT/SCIAMACHY level 2 processors.
Total Ozone Column
Total Ozone Column
Assimilated TOMS Data
See the complete analysis (including animations).
See the complete analysis.
Download archived data or images. Download archived data or images.
Global Ozone distribution at 0:00 UTC. This analysis was derived by assimilating latest available ENVISAT-SCIAMACHY data. More... Synoptic ozone distribution for 12:00 GMT derived by assimilating latest available EP/TOMS data. More...
Total Ozone Column Assimilated ERS2-GOME data
Download archived images from assimilation of GOME data.  
Download results from assimilation studies based on GOME data.  
Synoptic global Ozone distribution at 0:00 UTC. This analysis was derived by assimilating latest available ERS-2-GOME data.  

For any DLR Level 3 data or image access browse our archive (HDF, GIF, TIFF, Postscript).

For questions or comments please contact: Thilo Erbertseder or Frank Baier

The members of the Ozone Processing Team of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center are acknowledged for the TOMS data.

The original ROSE model is courtesy of NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research).