Vertically Resolved Global Ozone Distribution

ROSE/DLR CTM using total column ozone observations from ENVISAT-SCIAMACHY.

In near-real-time, the vertical distribution of ozone, related tracers and futher products (ClOx, ozone loss and polar-stratospheric clouds) is derived by sequentially assimilating latest available ENVISAT-SCIAMACHY Level 2 data into the 3D chemical-transport model ROSE/DLR. The ROSE/DLR model covers the altitude range from 10 to 60 km.

The most current model analyses are shown below. Additionally animations depicting the evolution of the particular product are available.

Stratopheric Ozone Column Ozone Loss at 56hPa
Animation: Stratospheric Ozone Columns. Animation: Ozone Loss.
Polar Stratospheric Clouds at 56hPa Analysed Chlorine Activation at 56hPa
Animation: Polar Stratospheric Clouds. Animation: Chlorine Activation.

All animations are also available as mpeg2:
Stratospheric ozone column / ozone loss / polar stratospheric clouds / chlorine activiation.

For questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact:Julian Meyer-Arnek.

The original ROSE model is courtesy of NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research).