Fourier Transform Spectroscopy at DLR

Most of the spectroscopic work has been published (Literature). Part of the data can be downloaded via the links given below.


Molecule Absorption Cross Sections or Line By Line Wavenumber range [cm-1] Pressure range [mb] Temperature range [K] Parameters
ClOOCl ACS 500-835 19.5-44.3 225-250  
ClONO2 ACS 700-1330 0-155 190-297  
N2O5 ACS 540-1380 no P dependence 205-294  
O3 LBL (HITRAN96 format) 600-1230     Line position, line strength, air-, N2-, O2-broadening+ T-dependence
H2O LBL (extended HITRAN2004 format) 1250-1750     Line position, line strength, air-, self-broadening+T-dependence, pressure-induced lineshift+T-dependence