UV and VIS spectra of atmospheric constituents available on CD-ROM

Absorption spectra of atmospheric constituents have been gathered and published for many years in books and scientific journals for the use of the scientific community. These important research tools are required for such purposes as determining rates of photolysis in the atmosphere and for incorporation in atmospheric models.

However, there is an acknowledged dearth of spectra in the VIS and UV wavelength region, and their optimum use is often hindered because of the resolutions selected for the published versions.

Based on its practical experience in using such spectra to derive trace gas concentrations from satellite data, and in fulfillment of its mandate to support atmospheric research, the WDC (formerly the Atmos Users Center) has found a convenient way to provide easy access to over one thousand relevant spectra.

The result is a CD-ROM with a hierarchically structured database containing 1200 sets of data for 130 substances relevant for atmospheric studies, and related information. In order to enable usage with other software (e.g., text processing), the database files are coded as plain ASCII text files.

Spectra Viewer Software based on Win95/Win NT is supplied on the CD-ROM which enables handling and display routines, and supports the efficient visualization, merging and rescaling of spectra, whether for publications, modelling or spectroscopy purposes.

UV / VIS Spectra of Atmospheric Constituents, the first of a new series of CD-ROMs developed in close cooperation with the Max Planck Institute of Chemistry, the University of Essen and the Research Center Karlsruhe and supplied by WDC-RSAT, is now available. It is supported by the German Ministry of Science and Technology.

For orders or information please contact the WDC Team by fax at +49 (0)8153 28 1363 or by email. Please give your name, affiliation and shipping address in the fax or email.