Assimilated 3D Ozone Record

Stratospheric Ozone Profile Records


This service provides historic records of multi-year assimilated 3D stratospheric ozone analyses combining satellite observations, meteorological data and chemical-transport modelling. Data from ERS-2, ENVISAT, MetOP and UARS atmospheric instruments will be processed in synergy. Two state-of-the-art four-dimensional variational (4Dvar) assimilation systems are deployed: BASCOE by the Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (BIRA-IASB) and SACADA by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the Rhenish Institute for Environmental Research (RIU). Using 4Dvar assimilation allows the derivation of most consistent analyses of the atmospheric chemical state.

The state of earth's ozone layer and its future trend has serious implications for the biosphere and climate. Therefore, a better understanding of stratospheric processes related to ozone depletion is a top priority of organizations like SPARC (Stratospheric Processes And their Role in Climate), WMO-GAW (World Meteorological Organization - Global Atmospheric Watch) and the European Commission (DG Environment).

We focus on two main issues:
  • Catalytic ozone depletion in gas phase and on aerosols
  • Stratospheric budgets of inorganic reservoir species

    The data record will cover the time period 1992 until now depending on available observations. The service will be extended and maintained for the foreseeable ENVISAT atmospheric instruments' live times. Data processing will be accompanied by detailed validation and evaluation work.

    Currently, application of data from the following instruments is foreseen:

    We will deliver the following base parameters as global synoptic analyses with 24h and 6h temporal resolution:
  • Reactive ozone chemistry: O3, O3-depletion rates, ClOx, NOx and PSCs
  • Inorganic reservoir species: Cly

    Latest results

    DLR ozone profile record Validation results
    GOME-ROSE ozone mixing ratios near Neumayer Station GOME-ROSE/SACADA comparison to HALOE
    GOME-ROSE ozone mixing ratios near Neumayer Station GOME-ROSE/SACADA comparison to HALOE

    BIRA-IASB ozone profile record Validation results
    Ozone analyses and observations Comparison of model O3, H2O, NOx and CH4 to HALOE
    BASCOE/MIPAS ozone analyses and coincident South Pole station observations BASCOE/MIPAS daily mean results compared to HALOE sunrise observations

    Data Archives, Documentation and Validation

    Information and data related to BIRA-IASB and DLR 3D ozone services

    Background information

    Contact details

    Service provider : BIRA-IASB, DLR
    Contact person : Frank Baier (DLR), Quentin Errera (BIRA-IASB)
    How to contact : Contact form

    Core users : SPARC CCMval, WMO


    We thank the German Ministry for Education and Research for funding the projects HGF-ENVISAT (HGF/BMBF-Vernetzungsfonds), INVERT (via grant 07ATF11) and SACADA (via grant 07ATF49). We are grateful to our colleagues from the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and from the Rhenish Institute for Environmental Research (RIU).


    Last modified: January 2007