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Data Costs:

Data at the WDC/RSAT are available to scientists of all countries. Data which is not available via direct download will be provided for a charge covering the cost of reproduction and distribution. The cost will vary depending on the source and distribution media, as well as the processing required to generate the desired product. Please contact for information on prices for specific products.

Conditions of Data Usage:

If data obtained from WDC-RSAT is used as the basis for any presented or published research, or is further disseminated, it is important to acknowledge and reference its origin. For data, products or services with specific references given on its WDC-RSAT web page, those should be cited in any publications.

Your data at WDC-RSAT:

Data and products related to the mission of WDC-RSAT, including satellite and non-satellite data, are eligible to be included in the catalog of offerings from this website. Such data will be accepted based on the significance of the data to the user community, the quality and condition of the data, and the costs to WDC-RSAT for preparing the data for archiving, cataloging, and distribution. Please contact for further information.