There are 4 ascii files containing measured absorption cross sections (second column) with wavenumbers (first column), covering the wavenumber range 500 - 835 cm-1. These wavenumbers correspond to the calibrated spectrum. The absorption cross sections are stored in units of 10-18cm2/molecule. To convert to cm2/molecule multiply with 10-18.

The measurement parameters were as follows:

Total pressure/mbar Temperature/K File name
19.48 225.1 DIM20213.XY
44.28 225.1 DIM40213.XY
20.07 249.6 DIM20253.XY
41.13 249.6 DIM40253.XY

A 1:1 mixture of N2 and He was used as broadening gas.

Data were measured with a spectral resolution of 1/(2MOPD)=0.00278 cm-1 for the 20 mbar measurements and 0.00556 cm-1 for the 40 mbar measurements.

If you want to convert back to the original transmittance: The absorption path was 59.2 m and the ClOOCl particle density 0.95x1015, 1.04x1015, 0.66x1015, and 0.80x1015 molecules/cm3 for the measurements listed above.

Data Access: 4 files with ascii xy data (see table above)