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The Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment-2 (GOME-2) is one of the new-generation European instruments carried on MetOp-A (launched in October 2006). It continues the long-term monitoring of atmospheric trace gases started by GOME on ERS-2 and SCIAMACHY on Envisat. GOME-2 maps concentrations of atmospheric ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and further trace gases. Furthermore cloud properties and intensities of ultraviolet radiation are retrieved. These data are crucial for monitoring the atmospheric composition and the detection of pollutants.

GOME-2 / MetOp: Latest data products. (Product status is "operational")

Level 3 (Daily Composites):

Total O3 Column Total SO2 Column Tropospheric NO2 Column Total NO2 Column Overview
Cloud Top Albedo Cloud Fraction Cloud Top Height

Level 4 (Assimilation and Forecast):

O3 Analysis and Forecast Chemical O3 Loss O3 Hole Size Full Chemistry Assimilation Diagnostics


Monitoring changes of the Earth's atmosphere is an international demand. The GOME-2 instrument continues the long-term monitoring of atmospheric ozone and further trace gases started by GOME on ERS-2 and SCIAMACHY on Envisat. The GOME-2 instruments will ensure the operational and accurate monitoring of atmospheric ozone and trace gases for next 15 years, contributing greatly to improving weather forecasting, atmospheric chemistry research, and climate monitoring. Observations of levels of other gases such as nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide are used for the monitoring and forecasting of air quality while recorded levels of ozone are used for warnings and UV forecasting.

Data Access

General Data Product Level Definition

GOME-2 level 1 products are generated at EUMETSAT.

GOME-2 level 2 total columns products of ozone, minor trace gases and cloud properties are generated at DLR in the framework of the Satellite Application Facility on Ozone and Atmospheric Chemistry Monitoring (O3M SAF). Near-real-time products are disseminated via EUMETCast and internet.

GOME-2 Level 2 off-line products can be order on-line via EOWEB or UMARF (Unified Metereological ARchive Facility).

The GOME-2 level 3 (composites) and level 4 ( assimilated products ) are generated at DLR in the framework of WDC.


The instrument is mounted to the flight direction side of the MetOp-A satellite. A mirror scans a swath towards the surface of the Earth and directs incoming light into a telescope. The light is reflected by a number of mirrors before being directed towards a quartz prism, which separates the light into four main beams. The four beams are split further by holographic gratings to resolve the light to 0.5 nm wavelengths or better.
Each scan back and forth across the satellite track takes just six seconds with a scan-width of 1920 km. Global coverage can be achieved within one day. The advanced GOME-2 observes four times smaller ground pixels (80 km x 40 km) than GOME on ERS-2 and has better polarisation and the calibration capabilities.




For further information on GOME-2 data, please send us an email.