NDMC Mission Statement

The Network for the Detection of Mesopause Change (NDMC) is a global program with the mission to promote international cooperation among research groups investigating the mesopause region (80-100 km) with the goal of early identification of changing climate signals.

This program involves the coordinated study of atmospheric variability at all time scales, the exchange of existing know-how, and the coordinated development of improved observation, analysis techniques and modeling. The initial emphasis is on mesopause region airglow techniques utilizing the existing ground-based and satellite measurement capabilities.

Participation or association of researchers using other techniques in the same altitude region will be actively developed. NDMC is concerned with coupling processes and will interface with related activities throughout the atmosphere. It is affiliated with the Global Atmosphere Watch program of the World Meteorological Organization and with the Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change.

Operational Data Products
  • ALOMAR (ALR), Norway (69.28°N / 16.01°E)
  • Oberpfaffenhofen (OPN), Germany (48.09°N / 11.28°E)
  • Schneefernerhaus (UFS), Germany (47.42°N / 10.98°E)
  • Haute Provence (OHP), France (43.93°N / 5.71°E)
  • Abastumani (ABA), Georgia (41.75°N / 42.82°E)
  • Palma de Mallorca (PAL), Spain (39.55°N / 2.63°E)
  • Catania (CAT), Italy (37.51°N / 15.04°E)
  • Tel Aviv (TAV), Israel (32.11°N / 34.88°E)
  • El Leoncito (LEO), Argentina (31.80°S / 69.29°W)
  • Wuppertal (WUP), Germany (51.25°N / 07.15°E)
Access to data products
ndmc TALK
GRIPS 15 quicklooks online
June 25th, 2013

The infrared spectrometer GRIPS 15 (Ground-based Infrared P-branch Spectrometer) was set up at the Air Chemistry Observatory at the German Antarctic Research Station Neumayer III (70°40´S, 8°16´W) during the Antarctic summer campaign in February 2013 for long-term monitoring the OH rotational temperature in the mesopause region at about 87 km height. Quicklooks are now available at the NDMC website (http://wdc.dlr.de/ndmc --> data products).

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Latest Conferences and Workshops
European Geosciences Union - General Assembly 2014
April 27- May 2 in Vienna, Austria

5th NDMC Meeting

May 08-09, 2012
at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany


 5th NDMC Meeting - Group photo



The individual scientific presentations are available at the internal area of the NDMC website (log-in on the left side of the website).