GlobAerosol is an ESA DUE project with the aim of a global aerosol data set from merging ATSR-2, AATSR, MERIS and SEVIRI satellite data. The products produced are aerosol optical depths at 0.55 and 0.87µm and Ångström coefficient and estimated speciation. The data sets are disseminated to support the information needs of users in climate and meteorological research, trans-boundary pollution and air quality agencies.

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Instrument(s): ATSR-2, AATSR, MERIS, SEVIRI
Instrument/algorithm PI: Oscar Perez-Navarro (GMV)
Contact details: operez[at]
Parameter(s): AOD at 0.55 and 0.87µm, Ångström exponent, limited type speciation. ATSR-2 and AATSR also provide retrieved 550 nm surface reflectance
Aerosol algorithm: ORAC dual-view (ATSR-2/AATSR)
ORAC single-view (SEVIRI)
ESA atmospheric correction retrieval (MERIS)
Cloud screening: ESA Cloud Flag (Ocean) / Stevens Cloud Flag (Land) / EUMETSAT CLM (SEVIRI)
Aerosol model: OPAC, AERONET biomass burning
Retrieval assumptions: MODIS BRDF used as a priori land surface reflectance
Retrieval limitations: MERIS retrieval fails at high AOD
No/low quality retrievals over bright surfaces
Spatial, temporal coverage: 1995-2008, global
Spatial, temporal resolution: 10km - 1°x1° / daily
Operations status: reprocessing
Validation status: intercomparison with ground-based, airborne and other satellite data
Quality control: error handling by Optimal Estimation scheme and statistical analysis for merged products
last algorithm version: v3.2 (11/2009)
last validation: 11/2009