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ENVISAT daily aerosol parameters (particle mass concentrations, optical depth and type) on a 60x30 km2 resolution are provided in near-real time (approximately 12 hours after acquisition) and as archive for 2003-2008 over Europe and Africa. These results are retrieved from a synergetic exploitation of two sensors onboard ENVISAT, the spectrometer SCIAMACHY and the radiometer AATSR. Due to the scan mode and swath width of the instruments full cloud-free coverage at the equator is achieved after 12 days.

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Satellite: ENVISAT (ESA)
Instrument(s): SCIAMACHY, AATSR
Instrument/algorithm PI: Thomas Holzer-Popp, DLR
Contact details: thomas.holzer-popp[at]
Parameter(s): AOD, composition, PM
Aerosol algorithm: SYNAER
Cloud screening: APOLLO
Aerosol model: external mixing / Mie components (extended OPAC database)
Retrieval assumptions: dark field method using 1.6 ?m channel
Retrieval limitations: bright surface (R670 > 0.0.8 dark fields / R670 > 0.20 region)
Spatial, temporal coverage: 2003 - 2010 / NRT, Europe/Africa/Atlantic /S. America)
Spatial, temporal resolution: 60x30 km2 / 480 km swath / 12 days repeat cycle
Operations status: operational / reprocessing
Validation status: multi-spectral AERONET inter-comparison study
Quality control: pixel-wise ambiguity and error estimate
last algorithm version: 2.2 (10/2009)
last validation: 10/2009